Over 8 Million Students used MAPP to take a Career Decision

MAPP does the following

  • Measures an individual’s potential and motivations.


  • Describes temperament, aptitude and vocational interests.


  • Formats information in three ways:

    • Narrative

    • Numeric

    • Graphical


WORKER traits

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1.Interest in Job Contents

This section identifies those tasks for which an
employee is motivated to perform in a work environment.

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MAPP was developed in the US and is used by over 8 million people globally in over 55 countries. This powerful career aptitude test will take just over 22 minutes to complete. You'll get a wealth of information to help you find the right job that matches your unique career assessment.

  • MAPP focuses on motivation. 

  • MAPP does not determine whether you can or cannot perform in a job, rather indicates if you will perform.

  • Motivation is what drives an individual from the inside. It cannot be learned or taught; this is just who you are.

  • Therefore, our goal is to aid you in identifying your motivations and learning how to use them to be successful in your career and life plan.